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How to Use while Loops in Bash/Shell Scripts [Examples]

Bash while Loops

This article will show you how to use while loops in Bash/Shell scripts, and provides some code examples. Bash scripts let you automate tasks in the linux shell. Often, you’ll want to repeat a task for a set of data or repeated user input – that’s what while loops are for – they let you loop or iterate over a sequence of data or input, making it easy to build scripts that repeat a set of actions. The while loop syntax demonstrated below will also work for the Zsh shell and … Read more

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JavaScript Functions Tutorial, With Examples

JavaScript Functions

Functions are reusable bits of code which are encapsulated so that you can easily call them by name when you need them. Here’s how they work in JavaScript, with examples. What are Functions? When programming, you will need to perform the same set of actions multiple times on different data. For example, you may need to perform a calculation on all of the rows in a table, or update the values in a list of objects. It is not wise, or practical, to re-write the same … Read more

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How to Generate a Range (Numbers/Letters) in JavaScript

JavaScript Generate Range

This article will show you how to generate a range of numbers or letters in JavaScript, and provide some functions you can copy and paste into your own project. The Python, PHP, and many other popular programming languages provide a range() function, for generating a range of numbers or letters between two values. JavaScript does not have a built-in function for doing this, but it’s easy functionality to implement yourself. Here’s how to do it, and some pre-made functions you can just paste into your own project to use … Read more

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Copy/Clone an Array or Object in JavaScript The Right Way [Examples]

How to Copy/Clone JavaScript Array

This tutorial will show you how to properly copy/clone an array or object in JavaScript – it’s not as simple as it seems! Copying an array or object may seem simple – but JavaScript throws a spanner in the works – the fact that when you assign the value of one variable to another it references the original variable. This means that if the value of the original variable is changed, the value of the copy will change too! To get around this, you will need to clone the array – ensuring … Read more

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Multidimensional/Nested Arrays in JavaScript [Guide]

Multidimensional/Nested Arrays in JavaScript

This guide aims to succinctly show you how multidimensional arrays can be created and used in the JavaScript programming language. What are Arrays? Arrays are a key component in any app kind of app you may wish to build – arrays allow you to store an ordered list of variables or values of any length in a single variable – ready to be iterated over, displayed, or otherwise processed. For example, an array could contain a list of contacts for an instant messaging application, or … Read more

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Capitalize the First Letter of Each Word in a String [JavaScript]

JavaScript Capitalize First Letter

This short article shows you how to capitalize the first letter in a string or all of the words in a string (title case) in the javascript programming language. Capitalizing the first letter in a string is useful if you’re capitalizing a single word or a whole sentence which you wish to display in a grammatically correct manner. Converting a string to title case – that’s where every word is capitalized in a string with multiple words – is useful for formatting text for use in an article … Read more

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Implementing a Queue Data Structure in JavaScript [Examples]

JavaScript Queue

A queue is a commonly used data structure in programming. Here’s how to implement and use a queue in JavaScript. JavaScript doesn’t include a data structure specifically called a queue – but that doesn’t mean the functionality isn’t there. JavaScript arrays can be used in the same way – it’s just the terminology that’s a bit different. Rather than duplicating array functionality for queues, queue functionality exists in the array functions of JavaScript. What is a Queue Data Structure? A queue is a sequence of items in a specific order. Items can be enqueued (added … Read more

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How to Randomize/Shuffle an Array in JavaScript [Examples]

JavaScript Randomize Shuffle Array

This article will show you a few ways, both easy and complex, to randomize/shuffle an array in JavaScript. The Quick and Dirty Way to Randomize an Array If you aren’t too concerned about the probabilities involved, this code is a quick way to randomize the contents of an array: // Function to return a shuffled copy of a given array function shuffle(array) { var shuffled = […array]; // Make a copy of the array to be shuffled so that the original is not altered by … Read more

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How to Reverse an Array In JavaScript

JavaScript Reverse Array

This short article will show you how to reverse an array in the JavaScript programming language. What is an Array? An array is a type of variable that holds an ordered list of values. Each value has a position in the array, called the index – and can be accessed by using that index. As an array is ordered, the position matters. Values within arrays will be processed by loops and other data structures in order – so being able to reverse that order is beneficial. Reversing an … Read more

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How to Use the PHP ‘while’ Loop, With Examples

PHP while

This tutorial will teach you how to use the while statement to build loops in the PHP programming language and show some examples. The while loop is the most straightforward kind of loop in PHP. The code inside the loop will execute for as long as the while condition is true. Change the condition, and the loop will exit. while loops are a fundamental part of PHP (and loops are an essential part of computer programming in general) – so it’s good to know how they work and what they can be … Read more

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