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The JavaScript Frameworks We’re Using for 2022

Javascript Frameworks

When building a JavaScript application, you don’t need to write everything from scratch. Instead, javaScript frameworks provide the base to build your app. Here are the ones we’re using in 2021 and into 2022. Node.js https://nodejs.org/en/ JavaScript originated as a scripting language for use on web pages – to be executed within a web browser. Node.js breaks JavaScript out of the browser and allows it to run stand-alone. It’s not technically a framework, but you’ll need to know what it is as some frameworks will run … Read more

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Check if a JavaScript Variable is an Array with isArray() [Examples]

Javascript Array.isArray()

Here’s a short article that explains arrays and how to check if a JavaScript variable is an array using the Array.isArray() method. Want to check out whether an array contains a value? Find out how here. What is An Array? An array is a type of JavaScript variable that can hold other variables, or references to other variables, in a list at a certain position. Declaring an Array in JavaScript An array is declared in JavaScript the same way as any other variable – by assigning the value … Read more

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Checking for null values in JavaScript, With Examples

Javascript Null Check

What is null in JavaScript, and how can you check if a value is equal to null? Read on to find out. What is Null? Null is a term with a special meaning in computing and computer programming. Null is not 0 (zero). Null means that something has no value. Zero is a value (a number). An empty string has a value (though sometimes called a null string, they aren’t null). A variable with a value of null is considered to be empty. It is not undefined – it has been defined … Read more

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How to Remove Duplicates From an Array in JavaScript [Examples]

Javascript Remove Duplicates from Array

Being able to remove duplicates from (or de-duplicate) an array is a useful thing to be able to do. Here’s how it’s done. What is an Array? In programming, an array is a type of variable that can hold other values, or references to other variables, in a list at a certain position. Arrays are vital to building any application – allowing you to store a list of variables or values of any length in a single variable – ready to be iterated over, processed, … Read more

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JavaScript – Pausing Execution or Sleep Function Equivalent

Javascript Pause/Sleep

JavaScript does not include a sleep function to pause execution – but you can achieve the same effect with this simple code. Unlike shell scripts and PHP, JavaScript does not include a built-in function to pause execution for a set amount of time. In other programming languages, this is usually called the sleep function. Unfortunately, JavaScript doesn’t have an equivalent function, but we can build one ourselves! JavaScript Promises Modern versions of JavaScript include support for new functionality called promises. Put simply; a promise is a new … Read more

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How to Use the MySQL/MariaDB COUNT Function, With Examples

MySQL Count

This quick article will demonstrate how to use the MySQL/MariaDB COUNT function to count the number of records returned by a query. MySQL/MariaDB COUNT Function Syntax COUNT(query) Note that: query can be an SQL query or a string representing a column name Null values found by the query will not be counted The COUNT function will return the number of matching records for a query and should be combined with the SELECT statement to output the result. Example Data The below examples use the following … Read more

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The MySQL/MariaDB DELETE Statement – How to Use It

MySQL Delete

Being able to delete data from a table in a database is a pretty important thing – This article will show you how it’s done in MySQL/MariaDB. MySQL DELETE Statement Syntax In its basic usage, the DELETE operator is used in conjunction with a WHERE query to delete records matching that query: DELETE FROM table WHERE query; Note that: table is the table you wish to delete records from query is the query that defines the conditions records should match to be deleted Safety First! Please … Read more

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How to List/Show Users in MySQL/MariaDB

MySQL Show List Users

This short article will show you how to list all of the users on your MySQL server. MySQL Users and Permissions MySQL databases usually have access granted to only certain users, each with their own permissions limiting what they can and can’t do on that specific database. As there are often multiple databases on a server, there will be several user accounts – some for different databases, some from different hosts – so it’s useful to be able to list them all out quickly. Command … Read more

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How to Update Records – MySQL UPDATE Statement

MySQL Update

This article will show you how to use the MySQL/MariaDB UPDATE statement to update existing database records. MySQL/MariaDB UPDATE Syntax The syntax for the MySQL UPDATE statement requires the use of two keywords, UPDATE, and SET, and is as follows: UPDATE table SET column = value WHERE conditions; Note that: table is the name of the table which contains the records to be updated column = value defines which column to update and what the new value for that column should be Multiple column/value pairs can be defined, separated by a … Read more

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How To Get Info About your PHP Environment Using phpinfo()

PHP phpinfo()

This article will explain what the phpinfo() function does and how to use it to get information about the PHP environment on your system. Many PHP packages and platforms (like WordPress, Laravel, and Symfony) have system requirements beyond what is included in the base PHP installation on most systems. These required modules include things like support for encryption, database support, and the ability to make HTTP requests from within PHP. To ensure that your PHP environment meets these conditions before trying to run the software, you … Read more

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