Javascript Break Continue Statements

Exiting JavaScript Loops: ‘break’ & ‘continue’ [Examples]

This article will explain the JavaScript break and continue statements and how they are used to exit and skip iterations in loops. JavaScript Loops In programming, a loop iterates through a series of values, performing an action on each value it encounters. Arrays can be looped through using the forEach method,… Read More »Exiting JavaScript Loops: ‘break’ & ‘continue’ [Examples]

Javascript Array find()

Searching JavaScript Arrays with the Array.find() Method [Examples]

This tutorial will show you how to search arrays in JavaScript using the Array.find() method, and show some code examples. JavaScript Arrays An array is a type of variable that holds an ordered list of values (or references to other variables), called array elements. Each element has… Read More »Searching JavaScript Arrays with the Array.find() Method [Examples]