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The Worst Things You’ll Probably Google As a Programmer on Linux

Programming terminology isn’t always well thought out. Language changes, or the people building out languages don’t consider the full implications of what a function or program or program name may look like when taken out of context – especially when combined with other technical terms.

This leads to some pretty awful sounding phrases that you’ll have to search up online when learning how to code, or reminding yourself of the syntax for a command. Here are the worst 25, summarized from this Reddit thread.

The Worst Linux, Programming, and IT Terms to Google

Here we go…

is it possible to have one slave with multiple masters

kill slave if master is down

The whole slave/master thing does get a bit awkward…

easiest way to kill a child as a parent

kill child to save resources

How to kill child silently

Expect a knock on the door soon.

How to abort process

How to prevent children overflow as parent

At least this is a problem with a prophylactic solution.

how to transfer child process to new parent

Adoption seems like a solid option versus like, killing toddlers.

Why aren't the children killed when I kill the parent?

Give it a few weeks, unless someone else steps in to feed them.

Should I dispose children or rely on garbage collection?


How to handle multiple simultaneous insertions

How to do backdoor pentesting 

How to run penetration process in a loop

I think I saw a documentary on these once.

how to bash cat with pipe

Reattach detached head git

How to fix detached head git

Gruesome. What will the neighbors think?

How to kill zombie child

how to find and kill all orphan child

how to kill orphaned children silently

What to do with frozen child

how to create a Daemon

How to make daemon fork and kill all children on exit

how to fork a child process

execute child in a container

Execute children in shared sandbox

Orphan zombie demon children. Who the hell named this stuff?

How to get a child to fork another child and then kill it's parent?

I get it, you need to spawn a tree of processes, but the wording could be a bit better.

man find

Not really offensive, it might just not be for you.

man finger

Getting a bit risqu ?e.

Using python to kill children

Transfer child to container and kill parent

Again with the children

How do I access children after I've forked them

Seek help.

How to Avoid the Worst

Make it clear in your search. Don’t search for ‘man finger’, search for ‘linux command man finger’

And if you’re in charge of naming programming terms for the next big language, pick up a thesaurus before you do, or at least run your terminology past some kids to see if it elicits a laugh.

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