FAQ: How to scrollback in GNU SCREEN?

Q: I was compiling kernel using GNU Screen utility but something happened during the compilation and I want to see full error’s output but I can’t just scrollback using Ctrl+PageUp. How to scrollback in GNU Screen? A: In GNU Screen press Ctrl + a + [ to enter Copy Mode, then scroll up/down using keys j or k. Below are some other navigation keys: h - Move the cursor left […]

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15+ "must have" Cisco Cheat Sheets

cheat sheetBelow is the link list to essential Cisco related cheat sheets (collection of notes or quick reference guides whatever). By the way, we don’t recommend to cheat anything and/or do a cheating of any sort by means of using these materials ;)

1. Cisco IOS Versions what’s this?)
2. Physical Terminations/Connectors (what’s this?)
3. VLANs (what’s this?)
4. Quality of Service (what’s this?)
mpls cheat sheet small 5. MPLS (what’s this?)
6. IP Access Lists what’s this?)
7. Spanning Tree (what’s this?)
8. OSPF (what’s this?)
9. EIGRP (what’s this?)
10. BGP (what’s this?)

11. General Cisco IOS cheat sheet (router/switch commands etc.)
12. Cisco Commands for Beginners
13. Descriptive list of Cisco Commands (fresh)
14. Cisco IOS Firewall Cheat Sheet (Official Design Guide)
15. Cisco – Ethernet Encapsulation (in pdf)
16. Mini CCNA Cheat Sheet
17. CCNA Cheat Sheet (commands debugging)
18. Connector Pinouts Cheat Sheets

Great thanks to Jeremy Stretch (author of packetlife.net) for the first 10 cheat sheets from above list (to get them all just download this package).

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FAQ: How to disable/remap a keyboard key in Linux?

Q: How can I disable one or several keys of my laptop keyboard in Linux? When I press DELETE key it gets stuck and deletes everything A: No problem! You can use the following command to remap or disable any key of your keyboard: xmodmap -e ‘keycode <value>=<action>’ For example, run the following to disable your DELETE key: xmodmap -e ‘keycode 107=’. BTW you can get keycode that corresponds to […]

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Another 10 good Unix habits to pickup

Well, IBM publishes a new article about useful Unix command line habits as a follow-up to Michael Stutz’s article. I promise that after reading this article you will say something like “A-ha, I didn’t know you could do that!” Here is the part of that staff: The !$ command returns the last argument used with a command. But what happens if you have a command that used arguments and you […]

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Ubuntu: Install Gnome

Why one should want to install Gnome in Ubuntu as it comes with this distribution by default? The answer is rather short: it works for Ubuntu server initially installed without X window manager. Here you go: sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop gdm When done you can run gnome desktop manager (gdm) and type your username and password to access Gnome Desktop and start using GUI applications: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start If you […]

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