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JavaScript Escape Quotes / Escape Strings [Examples]

JavaScript Escape Quotes

This article will explain how to use escape characters to escape quotes in strings in the JavaScript programming language, with some examples. What is a String Variable in JavaScript? A string is a type of variable. It represents a series of zero or more characters. Other variable types are numeric, boolean, and array variables. A variable’s type defines what values it can hold and what can be done with it. For example, string variables can be split and joined to form new strings, and numeric variables can have mathematical operations … Read more

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How to Use the JavaScript ‘do while’ Loop, With Examples

JavaScript do while loops

This article will show you how a JavaScript do while loop is constructed, and what it us used for, with code examples. do while loops are one of the simplest kinds of loops, and appear in most programming languages. A do while loop runs a block of code repeatedly, until a condition is met. When the do while condition is met, the loop stops. It’s important to get familiar with using loops – and understanding how loops work – as they form the backbone of just about every game and application you might … Read more

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DietPi – A lightweight Raspberry Pi OS Alternative

Diet-Pi - A lightweight Raspberry Pi OS Alternative

Here’s a quick screenshot walk-through of the installation of DietPi OS for Raspberry Pi.  DietPi is a minimalist but fully featured alternative to Raspberry Pi OS.  I’ve run through the install process so that you can see how everything looks before trying it yourself. Previously, we covered TwisterOS – another Raspberry Pi targetted Linux distribution  which aims to be super user friendly and includes a lot of extra software – check it out if you don’t think the minimalist DietPi is for you. Download & … Read more

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How to change DNS servers on Linux (Ubuntu/RedHat/All Distros)

How to change your DNS servers on Linux

Here’s a quick tutorial for a simple but important task – manually setting the DNS server on your Linux system. The steps in this tutorial should work for all Linux distributions – both server and desktop. Manually setting your DNS server is particularly useful if you’re setting up a Pi-Hole ad blocker. Backup Existing DNS Configuration If an existing manual DNS configuration exists, back it up by copying it to a new file: sudo cp /etc/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf.bak Edit Linux DNS Configuration The nano text editor … Read more

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How to Install OSMC Media Center on Raspberry Pi [Screenshots]

How to Install OSMC Media Center on Raspberry Pi

This step-by-step guide will walk you through installing the OSMC media center software on a Raspberry Pi.  Screenshots of the whole process are provided so that you can follow along! LibreELEC, OpenELEC or OSMC – What’s The Best? LibreELEC, OpenELEC and OSMC are the most popular media center solutions for the Raspberry Pi. I’ve chosen to use OSMC for my media center.  OSMC provides an easy and fast way to get Kodi up and running on a Raspberry Pi. OSMC provides Debian based Linux OS … Read more

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How to Convert Array to String in JavaScript with toString() and join()

JavaScript Array to String

This brief tutorial will show you two ways to convert JavaScript arrays to strings using the toString() and join() methods. What Are Arrays? An array is a data structure which holds multiple values. It’s like a numbered list – each item in the array has a value and a position (called the index). The indexes start counting at position 0, so the first item in an array is at index 0, the second at index 1 and so on. Converting Arrays to Strings in JavaScript There are many reasons you may wish … Read more

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Installing Pi-Hole Ad Blocker on a Raspberry Pi Zero

Installing Pi-Hole Ad Blocker on Raspberry Pi Zero

Ads are annoying and they slow down your internet browsing experience.  Here’s how to block them for your whole network using Pi-Hole and a Raspberry Pi Zero. No-one likes ads. Ads interrupt videos.  Ads crowd up web pages while you’re trying to read. Ads pop up at the worst moment. There are probably ads competing for your attention while you try to read this right now. Pi-Hole to the Rescue Pi-Hole is an ad blocking solution that blocks ads for your whole network – including … Read more

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Array.shift() to Remove First Item from JavaScript Array [Examples]

JavaScript Array Shift

This short tutorial will show you how to use the JavaScript Array.shift() method to remove items from an array, and provide some code examples. JavaScript Arrays An array is a variable type which can hold zero or more values within it. Each value in an array has a position, called the index – which is an integer value representing the items position in it’s order of appearance. Indexes start counting at position 0 – so the first item in an array is at index 0, the second item at index 1, and so on. JavaScript … Read more

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PHP vs Ruby – Which One should I Pick for my Project in 2022?

PHP vs Ruby

This article will explain what the PHP and Ruby programming languages are, what they’re best used for, and which one you should pick up in 2022. What is PHP? PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP a recursive initialism that contains its own name, just to make things confusing for you: P PHP H Hypertext P Preprocessor PHP is a processing language – it can search, calculate, and do things based on logical conditions. PHP usually outputs the information it has processed via HTTP – as a web page, … Read more

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The Python ‘os’ Library – What it is and How it’s Used

Python os Library

This article will give a short overview of the Python os (Operating System) module – and show some examples of how it is used. What is the Python ‘os’ Library/Module? The Python os library contains helpful tools and functions for interacting with the underlying Operating System being used to execute the running Python code. It can be used to query information about the system environment – including operating system, disk space, memory information, and which path Python is being executed from. The information available will differ depending on which operating system Python is … Read more