Brad Morton

I'm Brad, and I'm nearing 20 years of experience with Linux. I've worked in just about every IT role there is before taking the leap into software development. Currently, I'm building desktop and web-based solutions with NodeJS and PHP hosted on Linux infrastructure. Visit my blog or find me on Twitter to see what I'm up to.

JavaScript toLowerCase

Using JavaScript ‘toLowerCase()’ String Method [with Examples]

Want to make a string all lower case in JavaScript? It’s the toLowerCase() method to the rescue! The toLowerCase() method is part of the string object and has full support in all browsers. In JavaScript, strings can either be a primitive or an object – primitives are the most basic kinds of variables,… Read More »Using JavaScript ‘toLowerCase()’ String Method [with Examples]

post requests curl

Making POST Requests with cURL

cURL is a package that contains various tools for transferring data between remote servers. It supports FTP, Windows Shares, Mail Servers, and of course Web Servers using HTTP. Downloading a file from the Linux shell is usually accomplished using the cURL command like so: curl –output… Read More »Making POST Requests with cURL