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Linux clear Command and Clearing Shell/Terminal Screen

This article will show you how to use the Linux clear command to clear the terminal screen. Quick and easy!

Clearing the Terminal/Shell Screen

If you’ve been executing a bunch of commands from your Linux terminal, things can start to look a bit cluttered. It would help if you could clear the screen of previous output and commands and have a fresh start.

That’s what the clear command is for.

clear Command Syntax

Here’s the syntax for the clear command:


Pretty simple. There are a couple of options to change the command’s behavior, but they’re not really required for general usage. You can view them in the user manual by running:

man clear

Using the clear Command



and press the ENTER key. The screen will be cleared. That’s all there is to it.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Clear the Screen

Most GUI terminal emulators allow you to clear the screen with a keyboard shortcut. Usually, it’s


..But it may differ depending on your Linux distribution or OS – it’s worth checking the user manual for your terminal software.

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