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Installing/Upgrading VirtualBox Guest Additions on Linux Desktop/Server

How to Install/Update Linux VirtualBox Guest Additions

This article will describe how to install or update VirtualBox Guest Additions in Linux, showing the commands you need to run. VirtualBox is a free, open source virtualization platform that allows you to create virtual machines that run on your Linux system. These virtual machines act just like their own self-contained computers, and can run other Linux distributions, or even other operating systems entirely, such as Windows, or MS-DOS. Virtual Machines – Hosts vs Guests In virtualization terminology, the Host is the computer that runs a virtual … Read more

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Running Ubuntu in VirtualBox on Windows/Mac [Tutorial]

Running Ubuntu In VirtualBox

Here’s a straightforward set of instructions (with lots of screenshots) on how to set up Ubuntu Linux in VirtualBox for running Ubuntu in a Virtual Machine on Windows 10 and macOS. VirtualBox allows you to set up and run virtual machines on your computer easily.  A virtual machine is a whole computer, virtualized running on top of your current operating system – allowing you to try out and experiment with new operating systems and tools without reformatting your computer. Download and Install Virtualbox The first … Read more

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How to List Containers in Docker (ls Command)

List Containers in Docker

Docker is a virtualization platform that runs on Linux. It allows you to manage and run virtual machines in containers from pre-built images that contain all of the configurations for the virtualized environment. This tutorial will show you how to list containers using the ls command, part of the new docker command structure. The ls command replaces the old ps command. The ps command will still work, but you should phase out using it. Syntax docker container ls [options] Docker versions older than 1.13 use the old ps command: docker ps [options] Options Both ls and ps accept the same command options: … Read more

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Guide: Install and Use Docker on Ubuntu 20.04

Install and Use Docker Ubuntu

This is an express tutorial on getting Docker up and running on Ubuntu 20.04 – Fast! Docker is a virtualization platform that has exploded in popularity due to its ease of use and low resource overheads. It is used to run applications inside containers, making them portable and easy to install – all of their dependencies and configuration can be kept separate even though they are being run on the same host – reducing the time it takes to configure your system and making sure applications … Read more

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Attach ISO image stored in XenServer local storage

xen server featured

Citrix XenServer is powerful hypervisor that is based on Linux (Redhat/Centos/Fedora family) and competes with Vmware ESXi and offer wide range of virtualization features for data centers. In general you can do a bare-metal installation of XenServer to your hardware server and create multiple virtual machines (VMs) inside XenServer host. Obviously you’ll need to have the possibility to boot VM from DVD-Rom to start installation of, let’s say, Linux Mint. You can do it using hardware DVD-Rom of the host XenServer or attach ISO image and … Read more

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Vmware Server at Ubuntu Feisty 7.04

This step-by-step manual provides instructions on how to install freely available VMWare Server at Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Linux (7.04). First of all download installation package here and get free serial code. To get VMWare Server working at Ubuntu 7.04 I recommend to download this patch. To make sure there are all necessary tools installed to get VMWare Server running, execute: sudo aptitude install linux-headers-`uname -r` build-essentia xinetd After it’s done unpack installation package and patch: tar -xvzf VMware-server-1.0.3-44356.tar.gz tar -xvzf vmware-any-any-update109.tar.gz Then: cd vmware-server-distrib ./vmware-install.pl … Read more