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The endsWith() Method for JavaScript Strings, with Examples

The endsWith() String method in JavaScript will determine whether a string ends with a certain string or character. Here’s how to use it, with examples.

endsWith() Method JavaScript Syntax

The endsWith() method can be called from any String variable.

string.endsWith(SEARCH, LENGTH)

Note that:

  • string can be any string value or variable
  • SEARCH should be the string which you want to check if string ends with
    • If specified, LENGTH will be used as the length of the STRING being checked
    • If it is less than the actual length of string, the rest of the string beyond LENGTH will be ignored
      • This can be useful if you want to check whether a string exists at a certain position within a string
  • A boolean value of TRUE (if the string ends with the given value) or FALSE is returned

endsWith() Examples

The below examples show how the endsWith method is used. A string variable named test is declared, and the endswith() method is called on it.

let test = 'Beam me up, Scotty.'

test.endsWith('Scotty.');  // true
test.endsWith('up');       // false
test.endsWith('up', 10);   // true

Note the last example supplies a length, so that only a portion of the string is used.

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