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Python getattr() – What it Does and How to Use It [Examples]

Python use getattr() to get object attributes

The getattr() function is used to get the value of an attribute of an object. Here is how it is used, with examples. Python Objects and Classes Python is an object oriented programming language. Object oriented means that rather than code being written as a list of instructions, accumulating data and passing the results to the following lines of code (known as procedural programming), data and functionality is contained within the objects it describes. Each object is a self-contained representation of something, that can be modified, and passed between functions … Read more

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PostreSQL Guide Introduction: What is PostgreSQL? Why Use It ?

PostgreSQL Introduction - What is PostgreSQL

This article is part of the LinuxScrew Guide for Developers Learning PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL is a relational database management system. It is similar to other networked SQL database servers like MySQL/MariaDB and Microsoft SQL, but there are some key differences in features and functionality. PostgreSQL vs Other Database Systems You can see a comparison of PostgreSQL and other database systems here. In short, while MySQL is the most popular open source database system, PostgreSQL is more advanced. PostgreSQL is object oriented, can store a larger number of types … Read more

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Beginners Guide to Floating Point Arithmetic Precision

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Floating Point Math/Arithmetic Precision Problems

This guide will explain the programming issues you will encounter when performing arithmetic with floating point numbers, and how to avoid them. The reason why these issues occur will be summarised and solutions will be provided. Floating point precision issues are common hurdle for beginner programmers – sometimes the result of what should be a simple mathematical operation comes out wrong, and little reason is given. Floating point precision issues are usually the cause, so here’s what they are and why this problem occurs. What … Read more

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Using The Python decimal Class for Accurate Calculations

Python decimal class

This guide will introduce you to the Python decimal library and class – Python tools which allow you to accurately work with decimal numbers without the rounding and accuracy issues which frequently arise when working with floating point numbers. Computers Can’t Perform Accurate Arithmetic With Decimal Numbers Decimal numbers are commonly stored as floating point number values. Computers are not particularly good at performing arithmetic with this type of numbers accurately. We break down why this is in our Ultimate Beginners Guide to Floating Point Math/Arithmetic Precision Problems. … Read more

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DIY Raspberry Pi Powered Pinball Machine [Kitchen Build]

Raspberry Pi Powered Pinball

This article will show you how I built a DIY Raspberry Pi Powered Pinball game using GDevelop and an Arduino to add physical push-buttons to control the game. GDevelop is a zero-code game development studio, so this article has almost no coding required. I’ve been meaning to check out GDevelop for a while, so I’ve combined a simple GDevelop game with a 2-button Arduino game controller to make a little virtual pinball machine.  Here’s the finished product in action! What We’re Building As you can … Read more

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Java vs Python – What are They and Which Should I Learn/Use in 2022?

Java vs Python

Java and Python are versatile programming languages used for thousands of projects – so, which one should you learn for your projects? Below, I’ll look at what Python and Java are, what they’re best at, and who’s using them – so that you can decide for yourself. What is Python? Python is a general-purpose programming language that can be used for everything from scripting to building full-blown web and desktop applications. It’s designed to be easy to read, easy to learn, and easy to write. It’s been … Read more

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How to Use the PHP empty() Function

Check if PHP Variable Empty

This easy tutorial will show you how to use the PHP empty() function to check whether a variable can be considered empty and show some code examples. What Is Empty? A variable is considered empty in PHP if its value equates to FALSE or the variable does not exist. This means that the following are considered empty: An empty string (“”) The number zero (0) In any form (0.0000) Including strings containing only a 0 character (“0”) Boolean FALSE NULL An undeclared variable Empty arrays The empty() function is different from the isset() function. The latter checks only whether … Read more

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C++ vs Python – Which Programming Language to Learn in 2022?

Python vs c++

Here’s a quick primer on the C++ and Python Programming languages to help the beginner or intermediate coders decide which to learn. What is C++? C++ is a compiled general-purpose programming language. It’s an extension of the C programming language – using similar syntax but adding object-oriented programming features like classes, objects, and additional expressions. As C++ is compiled, it is converted to machine language prior to being executed. This means it runs much faster than interpreted languages like Python and means that it has fewer resource overheads, it’s perfect for running on … Read more

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Linked Lists in Python – How to Use Them, With Examples

Python Linked Lists

This article will explain in simple terms what linked lists are, why they’re useful, and how to use them in the Python programming language. Lists In Python, a list is an array of data – a simple list of values where each item has a value and a position in the list. Lists are indexed (so the positions start counting at position 0, not 1). For more information on lists in Python, check out these LinuxScrew articles: Python List ‘sort()’ Method – Sorting Lists in Python Easily … Read more

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Multidimensional Arrays in PHP – How To Use, With Examples

PHP Multidimensional Arrays

This article will show you how to use multidimensional arrays in the PHP programming language, explaining what they are and how to use them. What is an Array? An array is a type of PHP variable that can hold multiple values. It’s a list of values you can loop through and perform operations on each individual value. For example, you might want to perform an action on a list of files. By storing that list as an array, you can loop through the file names … Read more

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