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Fun: Chuck Norris vs. Linus Torvalds

[digg-me] I’m sure everybody remembers facts on Chuck Norris, and here are Linus Torvalds facts! Look at the picture, do you see any differences, don’t you? 🙂 😉 🙂 Linus Torvalds once found a segmentation fault in the universe. Linus Torvalds can run kill -9 and kill Chuck Norris. Linus Torvalds doesn’t die, he simply returns zero. Linus Torvalds first written program had artificial intelligence. Linus can divide by zero. Linus Torvalds runs Linux on his wristwatch and toster. Linus Torvalds doesn’t receive error messages. … Read more

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Adjust LCD brightness from command line

As many other Ubuntu users several days ago I’ve upgraded my Feisty to Gutsy at my Dell Inspiron 1501. Unfortunately many things that worked for me in Feisty doesn’t work in Gutsy just after upgrading. Among them are: suspend/hibernate and brightness adjustment. At this moment I’m trying to get these features working and certainly share results here but not workable brightness adjustment really disturbed me. So, until I didn’t find a solution how to adjust LCD brightness with keyboard, there is nice workaround: execute the … Read more

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Linux + 8*PS3 = Cluster for gravity simulation

[digg-me] A certain Gaurav Khanna from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth created computing cluster based on 8 (eight) Sony PlayStation 3 consoles that is meant to simulate gravity processes. The project is named as “PS3 Gravity Grid” and allows to model Binary Black Hole Coalescence using Perturbation Theory. Actually it’s not first case when PS3 is used as a component for cluster as it has not bad Cell Processor and it’s open platform. How do you think, what operating system manages cluster? Windows? Nope. It’s Linux. … Read more

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Running Cisco Packet Tracer in Linux

Cisco (featured logo)

Packet Tracer is Cisco Network Simulation Software that is natively available for Micro$oft Windows users only. But thanks to Wine project we can use it in Linux as well. Packet Tracer is a self-paced, visual, interactive teaching and learning tool. It is designed to increase interaction between students and instructors, promote student learning, and enhance instructor presentations. This technology is a new and fun way to expand teaching and learning experiences beyond the limitations of a traditional lab environment. Packet Tracer helps resolve some common … Read more

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Why use SUDO instead of SU?

Nice article on why we should use sudo instead su. Actually it’s one of “must read” articles. GNU/Linux distributions use the “su” model to elevate user priveledges. SU (or Substitute User) is a simple command which allows you to assume another identity on your pc. It’s most-often use is to become the root or administrative user. Both GNOME and KDE provide graphical tools which perform the same task, allowing you to install packages, change your resolution, and so on. Sudo is a tool that supports … Read more

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7 “must read” Linux tutorials

linux-logo.jpgIf you’re going to have long relations with Linux operating system and use it as efficiently as possible I suggest to read the following howtos and guides that will help you on the way to advanced Linux user status 🙂

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Run Photoshop with Ubuntu (or any other Linux)

Adobe Photoshop (or simply Photoshop), is a graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Systems. Currently it’s market leader for commercial bitmap and image manipulation, and is the flagship product of Adobe Systems. Unfortunately it’s available for M$ Windows and Apple OS X users only. Thanks to heaven (and Wine’s developers of course) there is Wine allowing to execute M$ Windows applications (from simple executables to M$ Office and Adobe Photoshop) in Linux. The following instructions will help you to run Photoshop with you favorite … Read more

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Clean up your Ubuntu with deborphan

If you want to clean up your Ubuntu or Debian machine and delete unnecessary (orphaned) deb packages you can use utility deborphan. It finds packages that have no packages depending on them. The default operation is to search only within the libs and oldlibs sections to hunt down unused libraries. Install deborphan with command sudo apt-get install deborphan and then let’s proceed with cleaning up. To delete unnecessary libraries just execute: sudo deborphan | xargs sudo apt-get -y remove –purge To delete unnecessary data packages … Read more