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How to Build a Smart Magic Mirror Using a Raspberry Pi Zero [Tutorial]

Build a Smart Mirror

Ever wanted to see check the weather is in Tripoli and read randomized Seinfeld quotes while you’re doing your hair in the morning? Smart mirrors are the DIY project to make that happen. This easy-to-follow tutorial covers how to build a small magic mirror using a Raspberry Pi Zero and a few other bits and pieces. Smart mirrors (also sometimes known as “magic mirrors”) can display live information right in the reflection on a mirror – it looks cool and is actually kind of useful. You can … Read more

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Building a Python Script to Resize & Watermark Images [Code Included]

Building a Python Script to Resize Watermark Images

In this project, we take you through building, packaging, and publishing a command-line application using Python to resize and watermark images. Whenever I complete an article for LinuxScrew, I need to go through and add watermarks and make other small adjustments to any photos I’ve taken. This can be tedious so I thought, why not automate it. Then I thought, why not make a command-line app to do it (rather than just a bash script), and show you how you can make your own command-line … Read more

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Raspberry Pi Alternatives [2021] – 8 Best Single Board Computers

Raspberry Pi Alternatives

The rise and rise of the Raspberry Pi’s popularity – as a home server, media box, emulation machine, or maker platform – has led to a host of imitators, and in some cases, successors. Finding the right single-board computer for your project will make development easier- so here’s a summary of some of the single-board computers getting about in 2021. 8 Best Alternatives to the Raspberry Pi We’ll only include boards with built-in memory and video out – all in one single board computers and … Read more

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DIY Raspberry Pi Laptop/Palmtop Computer [Kitchen Build]

DIY Raspberry Pi Palmtop

There was once a PC form factor known as the ‘Palmtop’ and it was good. Then, tablets appeared and pretty much wiped them out completely. I am still a huge fan of palmtops – they’re great for travel or getting some light work done in the park without having to lug about a full laptop, try and type on a tablet screen, or trying to angle those awful tablet keyboard cases on your lap so that they don’t collapse. There are a few modern attempts … Read more

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How to Install Ubuntu MATE 2020.10 on a Raspberry Pi (With Screenshots)

How to Install Ubuntu MATE 2020.10 on a Raspberry Pi

Ubuntu is (arguably) the most popular Linux distribution. Ubuntu MATE is a great, performance-conscious, lightweight Ubuntu-based distribution that is perfect for low-cost platforms like the Raspberry Pi where you may want to forgo some of the bells and whistles for better performance. If you’re just getting started learning Linux and programming you may not want to risk trying things out on your day-to-day computer (you might be worried about breaking it for work or school), a Raspberry Pi is a great way to experiment with … Read more