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Quick and Dirty CCTV with Raspberry Pi, MotionEyeOS + Webcam

home cctv motioneyeos

In this article, I’ll walk through the process of setting up MotionEyeOS on a Raspberry Pi, using a cheap USB webcam to create a DIY CCTV system. MotionEyeOS is a pre-configured Linux distribution that turns your Raspberry Pi into a home CCTV system.  You can set up multiple cameras and set them to detect motion or record on a timer, and send the resulting photos and videos to you via email or save them to online storage. What You’ll Need A Raspberry Pi A USB … Read more

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DIY Raspberry Pi/Python Powered PACHINKO [Kitchen Build]

Raspberry Pi Python Pachinko

Pachinko? Pichinko? Pychinko? I’ve been playing around with is idea for a while because… I don’t know; it seemed like a cool concept. That’s my whole motivation. Here’s a Raspberry Pi and Python-powered pachinko machine. This project is really basic, so it’s good for beginners, and the result is a lot of fun to mess with and would make a good desk ornament to fidget with or something for the kids to build on a rainy day to learn about coding and circuits and all … Read more

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Raspberry Pi & Python Powered Tank Part III: More Tank

Python Powered Tank Part III More Tank

This was only meant to be a two-parter, but I couldn’t leave well enough alone. Raspberry Pi & Python Powered Tank Part III is an update with better Python code and an improved design. I’ve gone back to fix the biggest issues that were left after Part II. I’ve omitted a bit of the mucking about in this article to keep it focused on what worked. How Did We Get Here? If you haven’t yet checked out the full build process, here are the previous … Read more

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DIY Arduino Powered Soldering Extraction Fan

Arduino Fan

This article will show you to build a DIY soldering extraction fan (to ventilate fumes) using an Arduino and a temperature sensor to activate the fan when the soldering iron is hot. Before you read this, why not open up my other projects in some new tabs for further reading when you’re done? Smart Mirror Wikipedia Scraper Photo Resizer and watermarker Raspberry Pi Powered Palmtop/Laptop Raspberry-Pi augmented Apple Macintosh Python Powered Tank! The Project A thoughtful commenter on a previous article suggested I get an … Read more

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Installing OpenWrt on a BT HomeHub 5 (or Plusnet Hub One), Full Instructions

BT HomeHub OpenWrt

This article documents my success in getting the OpenWrt operating system up and running on a BT HomeHub 5A (also sold as the Plusnet Hub One). This was checked with the latest version of OpenWRT as of early 2021, so it’s up to date and ready to do some networking. Once you’ve got an OpenWrt device set up, you can start mucking around with a bunch of useful computer networking concepts and tools like ad blockers and segregated networks – I’ll explore some common usage in … Read more

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DIY Arduino Powered Electronic Morning Checklist

Arduino Morning Checklist

If you’re the sort of person who has to check the stove is off before leaving the house, then recheck it because you can’t remember if you checked it (and maybe even turn around at the front gate, unlock the door, go back inside and check a final time) – this might be the project for you. Before I get into it, if you haven’t already, check out the other projects I’ve built for LinuxScrew: Python Powered Tank! Python Powered Tank Part II Python Powered … Read more

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Raspberry Pi & Python Powered Tank – Part II

Raspberry Pi Python Powered Tank Part II

This is part 2 of the Raspberry Pi and Python powered tank project. In this article, we attempt to display a live video stream and buttons to control the tank in a web UI. In the Last Episode In part 1, I gutted a toy tank and wired in a Raspberry Pi, and wrote some Python to make it move around. Now, to write a remote control interface that runs in a web browser, with a live video stream and buttons to control the motors. … Read more

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The Macintosh Pi – Vintage Apple Macintosh + Raspberry Pi!

Vintage Apple Macintosh Raspberry Pi

In this project, I will be putting a vintage Apple Macintosh to use with Linux and Raspberry Pi! My latest purchase. The Powermac G4. Stylish. Powerful (For 2001). Completely impractical in 2021. Why did I get it? Because it looks cool, and I really like the late 90’s/early 2000’s design of Apple’s hardware. It’s all translucent and cool. There’s still a lot of good software for these old macs – and the simplicity of them is kind of nice, so I thought – could I use … Read more

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Raspberry Pi & Python Powered Tank

pi python powered tank

The title pretty much explains this project- it’s a tank, that can shoot BBs – powered by a Raspberry Pi and Python Code. It’s pretty awesome. This is part one of a two-parter and handles all of the hardware and wiring and a Python script for test firing the engines. Click here to see Part 2 of this project where I get a live video stream and buttons to control the tank into a web UI! As with my other projects, I’ll try to keep things simple … Read more

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COVID Vaccination Rate Notifier [Project] – Scraping and Displaying with Python

COVID Vaccination Rate Notifier

This article takes you through the creation of a COVID vaccination rate notifier. This project works by scraping data from the web and then displaying system notifications with Python. It hasn’t been the greatest year – but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve waited for the vaccine, and now we wait for people to get the vaccine. To keep sane through the winter, we’re all watching the vaccination rate slowly climb – hopefully to the point where we can go to the … Read more